A Practical Guide through the Tendering Process

Duration: 2 Days

Applying for tenders is an important aspect for any business. For organisations that are unfamiliar with the process, it can be a complicated task. In this course we explore the tendering process from the clients perspective as well as from the suppliers perspective and look at how the organisation can develop a compelling bid. Delegates will learn about the various steps involved in the tendering process and become better equipped to award tenders to the most suitable candidate.

Course Outcomes

• Understand various terminology associated with tendering.
• Understand the benefits and reasons why companies choose the tendering process.
• Gain a better understanding of the roles of the client and the supplier in the tendering process.
• Build a competent tendering procurement team.
• Increase your ability to select the best proposal.
• Become equipped with the skills and knowledge to develop a compelling bid.
• Consider the advantages and disadvantages of tendering before applying for one.
• Improve your ability to plan, write and review a tender proposal.
• Gain a better understanding of what a client expects from the supplier.
• Become more familiar with documents associated with the tendering process.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners who intend applying for tenders.
• Employees that are part of the tendering committee of their organisation.
• Managers