A Practical Guide to Customer Service Excellence

Duration: 2 Days

Customer satisfaction is the greatest tool for running a successful business. Without customers your business will not have a reason to exist. It is therefore important that businesses strive for customer service excellence. In this course delegates will be guided through the various ways of achieving customer service excellence and becoming an organisation that makes the wants and needs of its customers a priority.

Course Outcomes

• Provide excellent customer service to your customers.
• Understand how good customer service is beneficial to your business.
• Become an organisation that is customer centric.
• Improve communication skills with customers.
• Develop the correct attitude towards customer service.
• Become better equipped to deal with customer complaints.
• Improve your ability to provide consistently good customer service.
• Build a reputable brand promise.
• Develop a customer service charter which can be used as a tool to deliver excellent customer service.
• Lower the rate of customer complaints within your organisation.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners.
• Employees that are a part of the sales and customer retention department of their organisation.