Business Writing Skills

Duration: 2 Days

Various documents, e-mails and other correspondence are used in business. The manner in which you present your written communication is a reflection of your level of professionalism. Being a small business owner in a large market already comes with various challenges. It is therefor important that you are able to communicate with the various stakeholders in your organisation in a clear and concise manner. Your choice of words, grammar and writing for your reader are important factors that need to be considered when writing business documents. In this course delegates will learn about various business documents, how to compile them as well as how to get your message across in a way that is professional.

Course Outcomes

• Improve business writing skills and your ability to communicate with various stakeholders.
• Understand the types of documents that are used in business and their purpose.
• Gain business writing tips to improve communication within your organisation.
• Increase the level of professionalism of your organisation through well written business documents.
• Reduce the amount of mistakes that are made in business documents.
• Boost the brand and reputation of your organisation through effective business writing.
• Create a logical flow of work that easily accessible and user friendly for your colleagues.
• Become more persuasive and influential through business writing.
• Maintain good record keeping

Who should attend:

• Entrepreneurs
• Small business owners.
• Administrators
• Anyone who needs to improve their business writing skills.