Meetings and Minutes

Duration: 2 Days

The minutes of a meeting play an important role in the governance of an organisation. Minutes record the points discussed and decisions made in a meeting. If well written, they act as a reliable review document. Minutes are a useful accountability tool which can be referred to when clarification of what was discussed in the meeting is needed. Because of the important role that minutes play in the organisation they need to be accurately written. In this course delegates will learn about the importance of minute taking in an organisation and will improve their writing and language skills. These skills will enable them to produce reliable and accurate minutes for their organisation.

Course Outcomes

• Improve writing and language skills to assist with minute taking.
• Understand the different types of written text.
• Develop a process to prepare for taking minutes.
• Identify ways to structure and format minutes.
• Determine what information to record and what to leave out.
• Identify and correct mistakes by checking grammar, punctuation, diction, and structure.
• Understand the purpose and elements of an agenda.
• Familiarise yourself with various other documents related to meetings and minutes.

Who should attend:

• Minute takers
• Administrators
• Anyone who wants to improve their minute taking skills.