Office Management

Duration: 2 Days

Office management refers to the manner in which you organise your office so that a healthy work environment is created. It is more than just handing out office supplies and ensuring that everyone is on time. Office management requires skills that will enable you to develop a focused environment for your team as well as skills that will enable you to guide and coordinate tasks to achieve organisational goals. This course will enable you to evaluate and adjust your current methods of managing your office so that productivity is improved and maintained. Delegates will be able to strengthen relationships with staff and transform their office into one that is indispensable to their organisation.

Course Outcomes

• Improve planning skills in order to prioritise tasks necessary for achieving organisational goals.
• Coordinate tasks to avoid duplication of work.
• Establish clear departmental goals and objectives.
• Develop and strengthen relationships with staff through improved communication techniques and emotional intelligence.
• Increase productivity within your department/office.
• Improve your ability to deal with conflict.
• Improve your time management skills.
• Create a safe and healthy work environment within your office.
• Implement policies and procedures within your department.
• Encourage creativity, diversity, inclusivity and teamwork within your office.

Who should attend:

• Office managers
• Heads of departments
• Anyone that wants to improve their office management skills.