Planning and Tendering

Duration: 2 Days

Planning helps you get your work done accurately. Employees that do not know how to plan make many costly mistakes and spend a lot of time repeating tasks. Planning ahead gives you control over the activities that you have to carry out and helps you see objective more clearly. This course is aimed at assisting employees in understanding the importance and need for planning in order to achieve organisational goals with efficiency and ease. Delegates will be able to better deal with day-to-day issues by using basic planning and scheduling techniques. Delegates will also gain introductory knowledge on how to approach the tendering process using the appropriate planning skills.

Course Outcomes

• Improve planning skills.
• Improve decision making skills by collecting and analysing relevant information.
• Build emotional intelligence skills by understanding the need to control your own emotions.
• Understand the impact of and need for change.
• Understand the need for social awareness and how it effects organisational growth.
• Improve your ability to build a strong personal brand.
• Understand the need to set and achieve goals.
• Recognise your own ability and need to delegate.
• Plan using a SWOT analysis.
• Determine which type of planning is applicable to your work environment.
• Improve scheduling skills.
• Improve risk management skills.
• Gain introductory knowledge to Tendering.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners.
• Managers
• Team leaders
• Employees
• Anyone who wants to improve their planning skills and gain knowledge on the tendering. process