Presentation Skills

Duration: 2 Days

A fundamental aspect of communication is the manner in which you convey your message. Writing for your audience will ensure that your message is interpreted in the correct way. When delivering a presentation, your choice of words, appropriate body language and good interpersonal communication skills are required. In this course delegates will acquire the skills necessary to improve their presentation skills, learn how to develop content that is interesting and keep the audience engaged. Delegates will also learn methods of communicating that will help you understand your audience and create conditions for promoting creativity, building trust and sharing ideas.

Course Outcomes

• Develop and deliver interesting presentations.
• Improve writing and language skills to assist in delivering your message.
• Use appropriate body language when delivering presentations.
• Understand that importance of projecting your voice.
• Learn how to read your audience and keep them engaged.
• Develop a method to structure your presentation.
• Determine what information to include in your presentation.
• The appropriate dress code when delivering presentations.
• Dealing with technical difficulties during presentations.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Administrators
• Anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills.