Professional Communication

Duration: 2 Days

Communication is a fundamental aspect of any business. For any organisation to succeed there has to be clear and open lines of communication. Both the manager and employees have to understand what is expected from one another. Communication does not only refer to what is being said but also how the receiver of what is being said interprets it. This course is aimed at equipping employees with better communication skills in order to be more efficient in their jobs and leadership roles and achieve organisational goals with ease.

Course Outcomes

• Strengthened relationships between employers and employees as a result of improved communication.
• Increase productivity through clearly defined goals.
• Gain greater understanding on the importance of delivering and receiving feedback.
• Gain a competitive advantage through increased levels of professionalism throughout the organisation.
• Gain knowledge on various types of workplace reports and how to produce them.
• Develop professional and reliable e-mails, letters and workplace reports.
• Improve your ability to create and deliver interesting presentations.
• Lead and chair meeting in a more professional manner.
• Gain knowledge on various types of business meetings and how to prepare for them.
• Successfully overcome difficulties in meetings that are caused by communication barriers.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Employees
• Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills.