Time Management that is Focused on Deliverables

Duration: 2 Days

Having a reputation for good time management gives the organisation a very good outlook. Businesses that make use of good time management strategies find themselves in a better position to constantly deliver their goods and services on time. Proper time management will allow you to handle unexpected challenges without allowing it to impact day-to-day activities. In this course we take a look at different methods that will help you manage your time better and eliminate those factors that prevent you from doing your best, thus building an organisation that knows how to plan and prepare.

Course Outcomes

• Defining time management.
• Identifying the benefits of proper time management for your business.
• Understanding the importance of self-management and the impact that it has on your work.
• Improving time management skills in order to be more productive at work.
• Identifying time management tools and techniques that can be used in the workplace.
• Understanding the importance of planning.
• Identifying and eliminate factors that cause you to waste time.
• Change bad habits and create new ones that allow you to become a more productive individual.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners.
• Employees
• Managers
• Anyone that wants to improve their time management skills.