Diversity Management

Duration: 2 Days

Just as how each person differs from one another, so do their needs. A diverse workforce is therefore necessary to understand and fulfil the needs of diverse customers. It promotes creativity and enables the organisation to generate innovative and visionary ideas. As exciting as a diverse workforce may seem, implementing and managing one can be challenging. This is due to the fact that diversity means different things to different people. In this course we take a closer look at the meaning of diversity within an organisation and equip delegates to successfully develop and manage a diverse workforce.

Course Outcomes

• Gain a better understanding of the concept of diversity.
• Acquire skills to create and manage a diverse workforce.
• Expand your business by promoting diversity within your organisation.
• Identify and overcome barriers to diversity within the organisation.
• Assist employees in understanding the importance of diversity.
• Improve teamwork through diversity.
• Create a more inclusive culture within the organisation.
• Redefine organisational goals, policies and procedures to promote diversity.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Employees
• Anyone looking to gain a better understanding of diversity within the organisation.