Labour Relations and Workplace Discipline

Duration: 2 Days

Conducting disciplinaries in an unlawful manner can become very detrimental to the organisation. Managers and HR staff that fail to comply with legislation regarding disciplinary matters can face serious consequences. Illegitimate disciplinary action occurs when there is inconsistency in procedures and breaches in disciplinary rules and standards. In this course delegates will learn how to conduct disciplinaries in the workplace in a lawful manner as governed by the Labour Relations Act. Delegates will also learn how to chair disciplinary hearings while exercising fairness and equity.

Course Outcomes

• Conduct fair and equitable disciplinaries in the workplace.
• An overview of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act.
• Examine types of misconduct in the workplace and develop process to deal with them.
• Processes for issuing verbal warnings, written warnings and final written warnings.
• The importance of the company’s disciplinary code and ensuring employees are familiar with it.
• An overview of procedural and substantive aspects pertaining to disciplinary action.
• Guidelines on misconduct as per the CCMA.
• Procedures for conducting disciplinary hearings in the workplace as well as preparing for them.
• Chairing a disciplinary hearing.
• Recording all decisions that are made at a disciplinary.

Who should attend:

• Employees working in HR and ER.
• Managers
• Supervisors
• Team leaders