Performance management

Duration: 2 Days

Employees are the most important resource of the organisation. Their wellbeing and experience at the company therefor needs to be a priority. Managers have to ensure that employees are performing at the expected level, and in order to achieve this they require the necessary support from the organisation. Performance management is important for ensuring that every employee is motivated to perform at their best. In this course delegates will learn how to align employees, resources, and processes to meet goals and objectives and increase productivity within the organisation. They will also gain knowledge on the necessity of performance management for employee development and organisational growth.

Course Outcomes

• Develop criteria for monitoring and evaluating staff performance.
• Improve the performance of employees within the organisation.
• Develop effective appraisals systems to motivate employees.
• Acknowledging and rewarding excellent efficiency of employees within a company.
• Provide opportunities for employee development.
• Identify and eliminate factors preventing employees from performing at their best.
• Provide staff with helpful feedback.
• Ensure that the goals and objectives of the organisation are aligned with employee’s job.

Who should attend:

• Team leaders
• Managers
• Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their employees’ performance effectively.