Policy Development

Duration: 2 Days

Implementing policies in the workplace is important for maintaining order within the organisation. Policies provide guidance, set standards pertaining to what is expected from employees and employers, define what actions are acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace, assist managers to manage staff more easily and hold people accountable. Without policies there would be no structured way of doing work in the organisation. Company policies need to be developed in accordance with the law and may not violate the rights of any employee. In this course delegates will learn about the importance of policies within an organisation and improve skills necessary to develop clear and well written policies.

Course Outcomes

• Identify the need for organisational policies.
• Understand the various stages of policy development.
• An overview of the laws associated with specific workplace policies.
• Communicating and implementing policies within the organisation.
• Monitoring, evaluating and revising policies so that they remain current.
• Creating a format for a policy document.
• Using an effective writing style when developing organisational policies.
• Identify key elements that should be included in your policy document.

Who should attend:

• Employees working in HR.
• Managers
• Supervisors
• Team leaders
• Anyone involved in policy development.