Practical Training Skills for Small Business

Duration: 2 Days

Training and development of staff is imperative for organisational growth. When an organisation has employees that are highly skilled they gain a competitive advantage. As an employer it is important to provide the right training at the right time so that both the employer and employee can benefit from the training process. In this course we take a look at practical training methods that are appropriate for small business, how to determine what skills you and your team require and how to turn your business into an organisation that sees learning as an opportunity for growth.

Course Outcomes

• Defining Practical Training Skills.
• Understanding the need for practical.
• l training in small business.
• Understand the definition of a learning organisation.
• Develop skills to transform your business into a learning organisation.
• Make learning and development a part of the culture of your business.
• Develop a strategy to promote learning and development in your organisation.
• Maximise employee potential by identifying their existing skills through a skills audit.
• Plan and implement training for your employees by determining what needs to be considered before sending staff for training.
• Exploring various training strategies that can be used and selecting the most appropriate strategies for you employees.
• Evaluate the impact that training has had on employees
• Link training with career development.

Who should attend:

• Management
• Employees
• Small business owners.
• Employees involved in training and development of the workforce.