Aligning Skills Transfer Strategies with Business Continuity

Duration: 2 Days

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of having highly skilled employees who can ensure that business does not stop when unpredictable circumstances arise. It is no longer about filling vacant positions within the company. It is about employing people who understand the vision and goals of the company and are willing to work towards achieving them irrespective of the uncertainty of the future. This course is aimed at helping delegates understand the importance of preparing for business continuity and achieving this through the upskilling of staff. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of adapting to change and developing processes and procedures that are flexible.

Course Outcomes

• Understand the importance of preparing for business continuity.
• Acquire the necessary skills to prepare for business continuity.
• Align organisational goals with business continuity.
• Identify and prepare for possible threats to business continuity.
• Develop a business continuity plan for your organisation.
• Identify skills gaps amongst employees.
• Understand the importance of conducting a training needs analysis.
• Select skills transfer strategies that are appropriate for your workforce.
• Understand the importance of succession plan.
• Prepare for the future of your business by developing succession plans.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners.
• Managers
• Employees involved in the upskilling of staff.
• Employees involved in developing business continuity plans and succession plans for their organisation.