Cultivating and Maintaining Professional Behaviour

Duration: 2 Days

When an organisation displays a high level of professionalism, customers will know what service to expect. Organisations that fail to meet the required level of professionalism may experience a decline in customers, levels of production and ultimately profit. It is the responsibility of each employee to conduct themselves in a professional manner as each one is a representative of the organisation. This course is aimed at helping employees understand the need for professionalism throughout the organisation and help each employee improve in this aspect of their job role.

Course Outcomes

• Understanding the importance of behaving professionally in the workplace.
• Understand the different aspects that contribute to professionalism.
• Understand how your behaviour effects those around you.
• Learn what it means to complete tasks in a more professional manner.
• Develop your own level of professionalism.
• Identify and deal with unprofessionalism in the workplace.
• Understand the need to behave professionally outside the workplace.
• Learn techniques to avoid unprofessional behaviour in the workplace.

Who should attend:

• All members of the organisation that wish to increase their level of customer service and improve their skill of managing client expectations.
• Mangers
• Employees