Developing Processes to Manage Operations

Duration: 2 Days

The effective management of operations is what keeps the organisation together. Any company, no matter what its size, needs to ensure that the various operational departments of the business are working together with the same goal in mind. An operations manager must be able to see the big picture and take note of how each department is dependent on one another. This course covers a range of topics that deal with the operations of an organisation. It is aimed at helping managers and team leaders imp/rove their management skills in order to ensure that all departments of the organisation run smoothly and achieve the objectives of the organisation.

Course Outcomes

• Gain introductory knowledge on what operations management is about.
• Learn about the different roles of an operations manager.
• Develop strategies and goals from the perspective of an operations manager.
• Understand the difference between monitoring and evaluation.
• Improve team management skills.
• Address conflict in a professional manner.
• sUnderstand the importance of hiring skilled employees and achieving this through HR strategies.
• Increase productivity through management of staff performance.
• Understanding the need for and advantage of cultural diversity in an organisation.
• Improve your ability to manage and adapt to change.
• Prepare your team for risk management.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Employees
• Employees that are seeking to apply for managerial positions.