Management Skills Training

Duration: 2 Days

Managerial skills are critical for organisational success. If a manager does not possess the fundamental skills required to manage his/her workforce, they will have a difficult time running a successful organisation. Developing managerial skills is an ongoing process and requires consistent development. Managers need to identify the skills that they already possess and work on acquiring those that they do not. In this course delegates will learn how to build healthy relationships and manage staff in a manner that promotes growth as well as increases productivity.

Course Outcomes

• Improve planning skills in order to prioritise tasks necessary for achieving organisational goals.
• Establish clear organisational goals and objectives.
• Understand the vision and mission of the organisation.
• Develop and strengthen relationships with staff and fellow managers through improved communication techniques and emotional intelligence.
• Improve your ability to deal with conflict.
• Improve your time management skills.
• Implement policies and procedures within your department.
• Encourage creativity, diversity, inclusivity and teamwork within your department.
• Understand the difference between Managing and leading.
• Identify and implement various coaching and mentoring techniques.
• Identify and fulfil the training and development needs within your organisation.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Heads of departments
• Anyone in a managerial position.
• Anyone that wants to improve their managerial skills.