Managing Operations through A Changing Environment

Duration: 2 Days

Change is inevitable. The only organisations that thrive are those that can adjust and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Change often requires us to divert from our plans in a short period of time and find new ways and avenues of achieving our goals. In order for organisations to survive in a changing environment there has to be effective management systems in place. Management has to be equipped with the right skills to ensure employees are guided through the change journey. This course is aimed at assisting managers in facilitating change and ensuring that the organisation runs smoothly in an ever-changing environment.

Course Outcomes

• Improve change management skills.
• Become equipped to manage your organisation through a changing environment.
• Gain a deeper understanding of what operations management entails.
• Prepare for business continuity when change occurs.
• Become better equipped to deal with employee resistance to change.
• Understand managements roles when implementing change.
• Communicate change in an effective manner.
• Remove barriers that are preventing employees from accepting change.
• Address personal challenges preventing you from managing your organisation through change.

Who should attend:

• Small business owners.
• Managers
• Employees involved in developing business continuity plans and succession plan for their organisation.