Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills

Duration: 2 Days

The ability to negotiation and resolve conflict contributes significantly to business success. These skills are required by all managers and leaders in an organisation as they help build stronger relationships, provide long lasting solutions and ultimately, create a healthy work environment. This course will prepare delegates to participate in negotiations and resolve conflict that may arise as a result of negotiations. Delegates will be able assess their own ability to negotiate and identify areas where the can improve and win negotiations.

Course Outcomes

• Identify the sources of conflict within your team.
• Use the positive aspects of conflict to improve relationships within the organisation.
• Improve your ability to respond to and resolve conflict within your team.
• Improve negotiation skills.
• Understand the characteristics of good negotiators.
• Learn how to behave professionally during negotiations.
• Understand the difference between being assertive and being aggressive.
• Learn how to become well prepared before entering into a negotiation.
• Gain a better understanding on how to read body language.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Employees
• Anyone looking to improve their negotiation and conflict resolution skills.