Skills Development Facilitator

Duration: 2 Days

Having a workforce that is highly skilled can be your biggest competitive advantage. In order to equip your staff with the right skills to do the job it is important to first find out what skills they currently possess. This Skills Development Facilitator course will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to identify training needs, draw up Work Place Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports. This course will enable you to transform your workplace into a learning organisation and give you the skills to develop and implement plans to fulfil the train needs of your organisation.

Course Outcomes

• Identify and fulfil the skills gaps within your organisation.
• Conduct a Training Needs Analysis.
• Implement a workplace skills plan for your organisation.
• Identify the skills and resources required to plan and organise learning interventions for your organisation.
• Conduct effective reviews of training implemented.
• Monitor and evaluate the impact that training has had on the organisation.
• Create a culture of learning within your organisation.
• Transform your organisation into a highly skilled workforce.

Who should attend:

• Employees working in HR.
• Employees involved in Skills Development within their organisation.
• Anyone who would like to become a Skills Development Facilitator.