Strategies for Motivating your Team

Duration: 2 Days

Having a highly motivated team is extremely beneficial to any organisation. Employees need to feel appreciated and that they are making a valuable contribution to the organisation. In order to achieve this you need to know what motivates employees to work harder This course is aimed at helping team leaders and managers identify the factors that keep employees motivated in order to build an effective team ready to achieve organisational goals. Delegates will learn about the importance of teamwork as well the importance of upskilling and developing employees.

Course Outcomes

• Define teamwork.
• Identify the characteristics of an effective team.
• Develop a highly motivated team within your organisation.
• Identify the factors that keep your team motivated.
• Improve managerial skills for motivating your team.
• Create a culture within your organisation that encourages teamwork.
• Create opportunities for employee growth.
• Build a competent workforce.
• Achieve organisational goals through a shared vision.
• Identify and eliminate negativity within your team.

Who should attend:

• Team leaders
• Managers
• Supervisors