Supervisory Skills and Team Dynamics

Duration: 2 Days

Teams play an important role in achieving organisational goals. Productivity depends on managing those teams effectively. A successful supervisor is one who can build and sustain a cohesive team by harnessing the strengths of each individual member. This course is designed to assist supervisors to understand the principles of leading a high-performance team and dealing with the challenges that impede teamwork and efficiency. Attendees will be equipped with the skills to identify and manage the relational and work dynamics of the team members they supervise. This is the ideal course for any supervisor who seeks to lead their team to the next level.

Course Outcomes

• Understand the workings of different types of teams.
• Improve your ability to mould effective teams.
• Influence your team positively.
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team to promote growth and efficiency.
• Acquire the skills to adequately perform the various roles of a supervisor.
• Improve supervisory skills.
• Improve leadership skills.
• Implement effective performance measurement methods.
• Improve your ability to take corrective actions.
• Developing clear team roles, responsibilities and reporting lines.
• Enhance clear communication skills within a team.
• Improve interpersonal work relationships between team members.

Who should attend:

• Supervisors
• Managers
• Team leaders
• Any person who needs to develop their supervisory skills.