Understanding Contracts and other Essential Business Documents

Duration: 2 Days

Documentation is important for process control. When information is given in writing it increases the understanding of the reader and enables the reader to double check information that they may have forgotten. Without reliable and accurate documentation no business will survive. There are various types of documents that businesses use to relay information. This course aims to provide delegates with a deeper understanding of what business documents are used on a daily basis and how to develop them correctly. Delegates will also learn the importance of contracts and what information needs to be included in a contract before it can be signed.

Course Outcomes

• Understand the importance of documenting information.
• Gain a better understanding of contracts and business documents.
• Improve your ability to draw up error-free contracts and business documents.
• Learn about the importance of confidentiality of information.
• Contents of a Lease Agreement.
• When to form joint ventures.
• The purpose of MOU’s.
• Importance of the fine print.
• Understand the difference between policies and procedures.
• Improve minute taking skills.
• Overview of financial statements.
• When to use non-disclosure agreements.

Who should attend:

• Managers
• Employees
• Administrators
• Employees responsible for developing business contracts and other business documents.