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The Office Wand, a registered Level 1 B-BBEE company, which specialises in assisting companies to harness the energy of their workforce. This is accomplished through engaging, equipping and empowering individuals and teams. We offer in-class, on-site training (at the clients’ premises) and online training within South Africa and neighbouring countries. We began supporting companies throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries in 2011. We do this through:


Teams can only work with synergy when their individual human needs are recognised and addressed. Holistic investment in individuals at all levels contributes to conducive workplaces, stronger teams, unhindered work-flow and higher profit margins. This is accomplished through customized, structured, and vibrant coaching and motivational sessions. Collaborative sessions are need-specific in accordance with the client’s requests.


Companies that make the effort to equip their staff members reap the rewards through individuals who experience mind-shifts. Mind-shifts result in belief in their professional ability and the importance of valuable input - to contribute to the overall success of the company. To this end, staff are equipped to sustain motivation levels through practical techniques, personal development and training on task-specific skills. Unearthing potential under layers of personal challenges allows for employees to walk in step with the strategic direction of the company.


Resources, tools and training are assessed. By partnering with Team Leaders and their subordinates, gaps are identified, addressed and bridged. Unattended gaps become chasms of disruption and cause obstacles in the operations pipeline. Empowerment enhances employee confidence. Confidence culminates in productive teams who strive for faultless workmanship. Individuals become brand ambassadors as they feel valued for their contributions.

Our Vision

Transforming the workplace through relevant skills development; contributing to individual career growth, greater organisational productivity and a vibrant labour market.

Our Mission

A leading skills empowerment partner through quality training and coaching, using innovative ideas for people development in the workplace.

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We offer In-class, On-site and Online Training

Non-Accredited Courses

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Accredited Courses

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Workplace Support Functions

Administration and Governance

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Workplace Support Functions

“Nobody looks at a beautiful mansion and admires its firm foundation. However, without a solid foundation the house will not stand. Administration, coaching and governance form the foundation to every organisation. The strength of this foundation will determine the extent of productivity.” Sharon Marimuthoo, Director: The Office Wand.


Office Administration

The Office Wand offers a wide range of administrative support functions for your business. Our highly skilled professional team will take care of...

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Development of Policies and Procedures

The Office Wand assists companies with the development and implementation of company policies and procedures...

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Contract Management

The Office Wand assists in the development of contractual agreements and provide the necessary training to help both the employer...

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The Office Wand assists organisations with implementing an effective governance model...

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Executive Coaching

The Office Wand guides the leadership of organisations to identify the resources within themselves to create sustainable transformation...

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Employee Coaching

The Office Wand guides and motivates employees towards achieving their goals which boosts their morale...

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The Office Wand can build employees skills by helping your organisation develop effective...

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